About Oorsprong Curators Series

The ’OORSPRONG curators series/ OCS’

since 2009

is a monthly experimental and challenging curators programming platform producing 10 small scale 3 sets improvising evenings pro season.

OCS provides a mentality meeting space for audience and participants  interested in and actively reflecting on, witnessing  improvised disciplines at work in the broadest sense. 

Each month 3 different curators are invited to cast and present a mixed and unprecedented  line up of improvisers. Lineups starting from trio format to larger formats, focusing notably on dance, live electronics and acoustic music. 

OCS’s curator’s programmimg model promotes a high degree zero approach: no solo, duo or  regular groups, no pre-set rehearsals, no comfort zone.

The OCS  is initiated/coordinated since 2009 by bassist and crackle boxist Raoul van der Weide and generously supported by  Titia Daniels, Henk van der Geest/Het POORTGEBOUW/ILo,  Tolhuistuin , STEIM/Nico Bes and Tijs Ham, , George Hadow/assistance, Lali/assistance,  Oscar Jan Hoogland (piano) , Stephane Kaas (digi flyer), Guillaume Heurtebize  (website). 


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