OORSPRONG editie 23 November 2015

OCS is pleased to announce it’s first edition of the new season September 21 2015. OCS relocated in a beautiful space called DokZaal (www.plantagedok.nl) near Amsterdam Zoo. NOTICE: The starting time will be 19:30 > and doors open 19:00 > the flyer unfortunately shows the old schedule. OCS is happy to present in this first […]

‘EEN OSMOTISCHE AVOND/AN OSMOTIC EVENING’: An OORSPRONG/STEIM co-production. MAY 7th  2015 Its a pleasure to announce the bi-annual May 7th 2015 edition of ‘Een Osmotische Avond/An Osmotic Evening’ which is an OORSPRONG+STEIM co-production besides the monthly ‘OORSPRONG curators series/OCS’ at venue ‘Het Poortgebouw’. ‘Een Osmotische Avond/An Osmotic Evening’ is an attempt to mix, combine and […]


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