OORSPRONG@BIMHUIS special edition January 15th 2016

‘Promoting, refreshing, feeding and challenging Improvisation Tradition by curating ongoing experimental social/blinddate and artistic/instant composing lineups’.



‘OORSPRONG curators series/OCS’ is honored to have been invited by the BIMHuis to present a special evening introdcucing 3 unique blinddate+instant composing lineups curated by Ana le onor Ladas/movement, Raphael Vanoli/electronics and Raoul van der Weide/acoustic improvisation.



Piet Heinkade 3






20:00 doors

20:30 start 1stset

tickets 18 + 15 (students/cjp)


SET 1 > Ana leonor Ladas  curator

Ana leonor Ladas/movement

Maaike van de Westeringh/movement

Faizle Shairmahomed/movement

Semay Wu/cello

James Hewitt/violin

Tjeerd Schils/electronics

Robbert van hulzen/drums+percussion


SET 2 > Raphael Vanoli  curator

Raphael Vanoli/guitar+electronics

Robert van Heumen/laptopprocessing

Laurent-David Garnier/olfacto-sonic objects

Joost Buis/trombone+lapsteel


SET 3 > Raoul van der Weide  curator

Stefan Keune/saxophones

Oguz Buyukberber/Bclarinet

Eric Boeren/trumpet+cornet

Michiel Scheen/piano

Kaja Draksler/piano

Yung-Tuan Ku/percussion


Ellen Knops/light design

Alexis Kazazis/audio+video registration

AFTERPARTY in BIMhuis bar with blinddate DJ duo ‘DJ Sonosin’ and “DJ Moving Furniture Records DJ team’.

Come along and share this special OORSPRONG@BIMHUIS evening DSC06758full of excitingly unpredictable lineups with us!




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