OORSPRONG @ BIMHUIS special edition January 15th 2016

OORSPRONG curators series/OCS is honored to be invited by the BIMhuis for a special edition on January 15th  2016 programming an evening presenting  3 blinddate+instant composing lineups curated by Ana Leonor Ladas/movement, Raphael Vanoli/electronics and Raoul van der Weide/acoustic improvisation.



Piet Heinkade 3







20:00 doors

20:30 start 1st set

Tickets 18 + 15 (studenst+cjp)


Afterparty with blinddate DJ duo ‘DJ Isonosin’ and DJ ‘DJ Moving Furniture Recordings DJ Team’.



SET 1 > Ana Leonor Ladas  curator

Ana leonor Ladas/movement

Maaike van de Westeringh/movement

Faizle Shairmahomed/movement

Semay Wu/cello

James Hewitt/violin

Tjeerd Schils/electronics

Robbert van Hulzen/drums+percussion



SET 2 > Raphael Vanoli  curator

Raphael Vanoli/guitar+electronics

Robert van Heumen/laptop processing

Joost Buis/trombone+lapsteel

Laurent-David Garnier/olfacto-sonic objects



SET 3 > Raoul van der Weide  curator

Stefan Keune/soxophones

Oguz Buyukberber/Bclarnet

Eric Boeren/trumpet+cornet

Michiel Scheen/piano

Kaja Draksler/piano

Yung-Tuan Ku/percussion


Light design by Ellen knops

Audio+video registration by Alexis Kazazis


Come by if you can and celebratee this special event with all of us!


Big thanks to Huub van Riel and the BIMhuis staff for the invite, big thanks to the ongoing volunteering curators, performers and the critical audiences that kept OORSPRONG going, developping and surviving since it’s start in 2009.


Special thanks to STEIM, Nicoline Lind, Titia Daniels, Henk van der Geest, Guillaume Heurtebize, Stephane Kaas, Oscar Jan Hoogland, George Hadow, Lali, DokZaal, Jochem van Tol..


‘Promoting, feeding, refreshing and challenging Improvisation Tardition by curating ongoing experimental blinddate+instant composing lineups’


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